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Superior Electricians Are The Top Choice For Electrical Work in Fayetteville, GA

For 20 years, Superior Electricians have kept Fayetteville running through emergency repair services, maintenance services and our diverse selection of electric services.

We have had our share of power outages. But losing electricity in your home or business can be a sign that your electrical system is in need of repair. Make sure to call Superior Electricians when you’ve got electric concerns.

Get Superior Electrical Service in Fayetteville

Keeping your electrical system well maintained will help avert a range of household problems, like blowing out an overpacked outlet, losing an appliance to a power surge or even losing heat during a drop in temperature that can cause frozen and burst pipes.

Electric Car Charging, Generators, Security & More

We’re not just focused on repair. We’re also focused on improving your life, whether it’s with a ceiling fan to bring a breeze or an electric car charging station to step into the future.

Many electrical services shy away from these complex installations because they lack the skill and knowledge we’ve gained over two decades in the Fayetteville area..

Superior Electrician Services Upgrades

Don’t miss out. Your Fayetteville area neighbors already know the benefits of calling Superior Electricians — just read our reviews to see for yourself! Give us a call at (678) 674-4779 or book an appointment today so you can take advantage of our modern services and low prices. You’ll have peace of mind and less hassle in the home.

How can you tell if my Fayetteville, GA house needs rewiring?
A few ways to tell if your Fayetteville, GA house needs rewiring include: 
  • Your home’s lights flicker or are dim. 
  • Your light bulbs burn out quickly. 
  • Your circuit breaker trips often. 
  • Your outlets shock you. 
Another sign that you should have your house rewired is if it is more than 40 years old. If you notice any of these signs, you should have your home’s wiring evaluated because faulty wiring can cost you more in the long run with the damage it can cause. To get your home rewired, call us today.
What are the benefits of GFCI outlets?
Some benefits of GFCI outlets are: 
  • They protect you from electric shock. 
  • They protect against electric fires.
  • They prevent your appliances from becoming damaged. 
Having GFCI outlets in your home is a great way to keep you and your home safe. Additionally, GFCI outlets are actually required by electrical code in any area of your home that has outlets near a water source. To get GFCI outlets installed in your home, contact us today.

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