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Home security is essential to peace of mind regarding your home, family and possessions. It’s unfortunate, but more and more homeowners are turning to home security after hearing of break-ins or even home invasions near their neighborhoods. In Metro Atlanta, it’s easy to feel at home and safe, but it’s also easy to be victimized and that’s where Superior Electricians comes in.

Not Just An Alarm System

Home security has come a long way since mounted motion detectors that are set off by pets or dust bunnies. Today’s system can capture images from inside your home and transmit those images to you so that you can monitor your home from anywhere. Some automated security systems even offer smart locks that can be engaged with the press of a button from wherever you are.

Many systems make it so that you can control when lights and motion sensors turn on. In terms of fire, you can set the smoke detector to signal all doors to unlock. You can have the motion sensor capture video when a certain area is inhabited.

Your home security system could feature:

Who Wouldn’t Want Superior Security

There are automated security systems you can buy and install yourself, but for a properly automated home security system an professional installer is best. If you’re in the metro Atlanta area, Superior Electricians wants to be your automated home security installer.

While some installs may be simpler than others, different devices could require different networking – an issue you’ll never have to worry about with a professional electrician on the job. Call Superior Electricians (678) 674-4779 today or reach out to us with your questions whenever it is convenient.

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