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In the Atlanta Metro area, you have dozens of choices when it comes to electrician services.  Unlike other businesses, Superior Electricians values our customers. From commercial property to your personal home, we treat every problem or upgrade with the same commitment to finding a solution. We know you need your electricity and we are first in line to help you with any of your electrical service needs.

Our Superior electricians will take the time to listen to your needs. Superior always operates in the best interests of the customer in order to fully understand and appreciate your goals when it comes to repairing your electrical system.

Building a trusting client relationship is important to us, so you can count on our team to always go above and beyond to make sure you are happy with the job performed. This is just part of our dedication to you. Superior Electricians looks for all possible solutions in order to provide the right fix from start to finish.

We offer emergency and planned electrical repair. We also specialize in code inspections and maintenance to ensure your electrical system is up to code and safe. Additionally, we love helping our customers upgrade their systems.

What electrical services does Superior Services provide in the Atlanta area?
Superior Services provides the following electrical services in the Atlanta, GA area: 
  • Commercial and residential installations. 
  • Commercial and residential repairs. 
  • Standby generator installations.
  • Electric vehicle charging stations.
  • Home automation. 
At Superior Services, we offer a wide range of installation and repair services to suit your residential or commercial needs. If you need an outlet replaced, a ceiling fan installed or your home’s electrical systems optimized, we have you covered. Call us today to learn more about our electrical services.
How do I find the best electrician in the Atlanta area?
To find the best electrician in the Atlanta area, you should: 
  • Check online reviews to read about other customer’s experiences.
  • Check to see if the electrician is licensed and insured.
  • Ask coworkers and friends for recommendations.
The most important thing to look for in an electrician is that they are licensed and insured. Electricians that possess all of the correct qualifications like licenses, certifications and insurance will be able to safely and effectively install and repair the electrical systems in your home. To find out about our electrical services, contact us today.
What should I ask an electrician near Atlanta?

You should ask an electrician these questions near Atlanta, GA

  • Are you licensed to perform electrical work in this state? 
  • Is your work warrantied or guaranteed?
  • Do you have insurance?

Another thing you may want to ask if you are thinking about getting a large installation done is whether or not they have any references. If they do have references, that will be a good way to see how well they have done on past electrical projects. To learn more about our electrical services, call us today.

How do I know when my home needs rewiring near Atlanta?
A few signs your home needs rewiring in Atlanta, GA are: 
  • Your lights flicker or are dimming. 
  • Your circuit breakers trip often. 
  • Your electrical outlets shock you. 
Another indication that you should have your home rewired is if your home’s rewiring is more than 40 years old. Some older homes have outdated wiring that could potentially pose a safety risk. To get your home rewired, give us a call today.
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In addition to working on your electrical system, Superior can help improve your life and your home with a variety of other electrical services.

We install and repair ceiling fans , switches and outlets, as well as install car charging stations  and perform a number of commercial services . We also install, sell and repair generators  and total home automation systems.

Call Superior Services today for your Atlanta area electrician needs. Book an appointment today.

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