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The Dangers of Electrical Outages

Today, most homes and businesses depend on electricity for more than keeping our lights on. Heating and air conditioning, smart home integrations, internet services, security systems and even most landline phones require power to function. Those that work from home cannot perform their daily duties, and individuals dependent on refrigerated insulin, respirators or oxygen, are in peril when electrical problems strike.

An electrical outage in your Atlanta area home could indicate another issue (such as bad wiring) that could cause significant fire damage to your home and business. When the power goes off, it’s critical to get it back up and running as soon as possible. Without power in cold weather, your pipes could freeze and burst. In any weather, the outage and waiting on some other company’s unreliable technician could also cause food spoilage.

Is it dangerous if my circuit breaker keeps tripping near Atlanta?

Yes, it can be dangerous if your circuit breaker keeps tripping. Not only can constant tripping indicate that there is an issue with your home’s electrical wiring, it can also indicate that your circuit breaker may need to be replaced. If your circuit breaker keeps tripping, that can pose a safety risk as well as keep your electrical systems from working as they should. To get your circuit breaker repaired, give us a call today.

How do you fix electrical wiring in my Atlanta area house?

To fix electrical wiring in your Atlanta area house, you should determine what the issue is with your wiring and where it originates. Loose wires can be fixed, whereas old, frayed or broken wires may need to be replaced. If you have one outlet in particular that is not working, then it may be a simple fix. However, if you continuously experience electrical issues throughout your home, your wiring may be old or faulty and need to be replaced completely. To get your electrical wiring repaired, give us a call today.

What are some warning signs of an overloaded electrical circuit near Atlanta?

Some warning signs of an overloaded electrical circuit in Atlanta, GA include: 

  • Your home’s lights dim when you plug in small appliances. 
  • Your outlets are hot to the touch. 
  • Your outlets have burn marks or a burning smell coming from them. 

An overloaded circuit is a safety risk, as it can lead to electrical complications or fires. If you notice any of the issues above, you should have your electrical circuit evaluated right away. To get your electrical circuit inspected, give us a call today.

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What To Do When The Power Goes Out

According to the American Red Cross, families should keep preparedness kits for kids and animals in the event of a prolonged outage. Even when the outage is definitely rooted in your home, there are dangers in operating a home without electricity. The CDC, the federal government and the Red Cross caution you to do the following when you lose power.

  • Unplug all devices and appliances to avoid losing them to an electrical surge.
  • Do not open refrigerator doors.
  • Do not use the stove to heat your home, even for a short time.
  • If you have a generator, only use it away from doors and windows.
  • Make sure to have a carbon monoxide detector.

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