Whole Home Automation

The Atlanta Metro Area Meets Total Automated Convenience

Aside from installing a variety of automation systems in your home, there are additional ways to make your home work for your convenience. Whole home automation means that your various automated home products are networked and functioning from the same controls. 

With a whole home automation integration, if your smoke detector goes off while you are not home, all the doors can be programmed to unlock automatically to ensure the fire department can get inside your home. 

Your smart lights can be programmed to come on as evening falls, to give the impression that someone is home even if you’re away, as well as to provide a safely lit house when you return. 

Your home security system can be networked to your smart locks as well as your smart lighting, ensuring you’re alerted immediately when a door or window opens or light turns on without your knowledge.

Why Whole Home Automation?

  • Convenience at the touch of a button.
  • Saves time and is energy-efficient.
  • The house takes care of itself to save money in the long run.
  • The power to turn off and on appliances and electrical units at once.
  • Automated control over every aspect of your home.
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Our team of professional electricians at Superior can assist you with the installation and programming of your whole home automation system. We can also perform any electrical services for your home and maintenance of your existing automated systems.

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