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Selling a home or looking for the proper permits on new construction or a major remodel? Electrical code inspections are easy to come by, but Superior Electricians will ensure that your inspection is free of error. Your end goal is to pass your Atlanta electrical code inspection, and Superior will help you get through a flawless inspection.

An electrical code inspection is typically performed by a local inspector evaluating the construction and electrical systems in new construction, remodels and homes that are receiving a large addition. In these cases, the inspector is looking for anything that might violate the National Fire Protection Association’s specifications, put in place to help homeowners and commercial business owners from suffering electrical damage or electrical shorts.

Inspection Of Electrical Issues

What Is Involved In An Electrical Code Inspection?

Here are some things we may check to help you prepare for your electrical code inspection.

There are two types of inspection you’ll undergo when constructing or adding an addition to a new home or property. The first is done before the insulation and walls have been installed. When we prepare you for this inspection, we:

  • Check that all electrical cables have been pulled through studs.
  • Ensure all electrical cables are inserted into wall and ceiling boxes.
  • We DO NOT check light switches outlets and other non-attached devices until we prepare you for final inspection.

When the insulation is in place and the home is fully constructed, our techs prepare you for another inspection. During this inspection we:

  • Make sure all circuits are functioning.
  • Check that every light fixture that is installed is connected.
  • Ensure that all switches and outlets are working as intended.
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Call Superior Electricians (678) 674-4779 today for more information about our electrical code inspection services. We will ensure you pass your inspection with flying colors, while making sure you are safe in your new home or commercial building or any home or building addition. Contact us immediately for your electrical code inspection.

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