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We Don’t Just Come from Peachtree, We Love It

When you love your community as much as Superior does, you realize that to be a true member of that community your business must be involved in all aspects of local life. Uplifting those in need and providing services to those who need it most is our natural instinct. Getting to share these services with the communities we love most is just one more thing we love about being your electricians.

Our community involvement is not about PR or getting our name out; it’s our way of demonstrating to the clients who have relied on us all these years that we value not only their business but their neighborhoods, their homes and their communities. This helps us to understand the true needs of our customers as well as our community and to attend to those needs like a good steward of business.

It’s for this reason that at Superior we make it a priority to give back to the community that has trusted us with their electrical needs since the year 2000. We involve ourselves with and engage in the metro Atlanta community. It is our goal to treat everyone with respect and integrity, always focused on the needs of others before our own. This is our way of understanding and appreciating your lifestyle and needs.

We offer a priceless opportunity as a high school intern. Internships can be hard to find and are often subject to preference and nepotism. We accept students on a case by case basis and give them opportunities to grow their future careers. Our schools are producing the future of America and anything we can do to help guide young men and women in the right direction is our honor and responsibility as members of the community.

Contact us at (678) 674-4779 to learn more about our community outreach programs, or to partner with us.

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