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Electrical outlets are essential to your home’s electrical system and ensure that your appliances and devices are able to receive power. When your electrical outlets begin to malfunction or are not up to date, they can cause operational and safety issues. It is important that you remain aware of your electrical outlets' condition and have them upgraded when necessary. Superior Electricians offers a variety of outlet installation services to suit your electrical outlet needs. To get an outlet installed or replaced in your home, call us at today!

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Signs You Need New Electrical Outlets

A few signs you may notice when your electrical outlets need to be replaced include: 

  • Your outlets are loose. 
  • Your outlets have burn marks. 
  • Your outlets are not grounded. 
  • Your outlets feel warm to the touch.

If you notice any of these issues with your electrical outlets, you should consider having the affected outlets replaced. These issues can signify a faulty outlet that can affect the operation and safety of your electrical outlets.

What Type of Electrical Outlet do You Need?

The three main types of outlets you will usually find in your home include a grounded outlet, GFCI outlet and AFCI outlet. A grounded outlet is a standard 3-hole outlet that is found in most homes. GFCI outlets are designed for areas that are susceptible to moisture or water to prevent electrical shock. You should have a GFCI outlet in your bathroom, kitchen, laundry room, garage and basement. AFCI outlets are designed to prevent electrical fires and should be installed in your bedrooms and living rooms.

Why You Should Have Your Outlet Replaced

You should have your wall outlets replaced if they only have 2 holes, if they are broken or if they are not up to electrical code. If your electrical outlets only have two holes, you should have them upgraded to a grounded outlet for an additional measure of safety. If you do not have AFCI and GFCI outlets in the proper areas, you should get your outlets replaced to meet electrical code requirements. Different types of outlets are required by code to ensure that different rooms in your home are protected from the risk of electrical fire and electrical shock. To find out more about getting outlet installation services for your home, call Superior Electricians today!

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