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Did you know that if your generator is dirty, it runs less efficiently? For standby generator owners in Metro Atlanta, there’s one top rated service that will ensure your unit is free of dirt and grime: Superior Electricians.

As your generator sits outside, its insides become gummed up with a black, gunky substance left from burning fuel. This causes two parts of your generator, the stator and the rotor, to work extra hard to function, like trying to turn a wheel submerged in honey. With scheduled maintenance from Superior Electricians, your generator will stay clean, efficient and run your home reliably.

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How Often Should You Have Your Generator Serviced?

How often you change the oil in your standby generator depends on the climate you live in, how often you use the generator and the brand or type of generator you own. How often you change the filter is also dependent on how dusty an environment you live in, but it’s recommended that you check the filter regularly. Superior will check and change your filters during tune-ups.

We are well-versed in all generator makes and models, so we can set up a maintenance schedule that is customized to your generator’s needs. Superior is happy to quickly tune-up your generator to ensure that it is ready and waiting on standby whenever disaster strikes.

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