Electric Car Charging Stations

Why You Should Power Up At Your Atlanta Home or Business

Electric cars are impressive and demonstrate climate awareness as much as they give off a sleek sense of cool. Superior Electricians are here to make your most local EV charging station is the one in your own driveway.

Depending on where you live in the Metro Atlanta area, you might have above average access to car charging stations. Some recently constructed workplaces now offer the stations (as well as preferential parking) for electric cars. In less urban locales or as you get further from the metro area, you might have to plan your drives ahead of time to ensure your access to a charging station. For this reason, dozens of electric vehicle car charging websites exist to help EV drivers locate places to power up. 

Thanks to Superior Electricians, you can put the phone away, tell Siri or Alexa to hush and charge your vehicle at the most convenient station of all — your own!

Can I install my own EV charging point in my Atlanta area home?

You should not install your own EV charging point in your Atlanta area home. To install a car charging station, you would need to obtain a permit and have the correct tools and electrical knowledge. However, car charging stations require a much higher voltage than most standard electrical systems in your home, which makes it much more dangerous to install and work on. Having your EV charging station installed by a professional electrician ensures that it is done safely and correctly. To get your EV charging station installed, call us today.

What type of maintenance will I need for my home EV charging station near Atlanta?

You will need the following maintenance for your home EV charging station in Atlanta, GA

  • Regular cleaning of your car charging station.
  • An inspection of the components. 
  • An inspection of the electrical connections. 
  • Repairs and updates as needed. 

EV charging stations are generally self-sufficient systems, but still require regular maintenance to ensure that they work properly and safely. Additionally, having your car charging station regularly cleaned and inspected will extend its service life. To get your EV charging station maintenanced, give us a call today today.

electric car charging station

Commercial Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

In commercial buildings, electric car charging stations make a statement of concern for the environment crossed with an innovative eye on the future. When someone pulls into your parking lot, regardless of the car they are driving, you are sending them a signal that you evolve with the times. Among other reasons to install an EV charging station at your commercial or retail location:

  • Community Goodwill - You are offering a free service to drivers of electric cars.
  • Invite New Business - Electric vehicles are more likely to stop at your establishment if you show you share their commitment to sustainability.
  • Money(!) - There are federal tax credits as well as Georgia rebates for providing electric vehicle charging stations at your business.

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