Ceiling Fan Repair

Get Your Fan Up & Running For These Atlanta Summers

How can you tell if your ceiling fan is broken and in need of repair? Other than not turning on, the following conditions mean that if you’re near the Atlanta Metro area, you should call Superior for your ceiling fan repair today.

  • Your Fan Spins Unevenly or Seems to Wobble: This could be because the fan has been installed incorrectly or one or two blades of the fan are damaged and causing the fan to be off balance.
  • The Light in Your Ceiling Fan Flickers: Your ceiling fan light might turn on and off. Sometimes this is simply the result of an improperly installed light bulb but it can also indicate more serious situations such as a wiring issue. 
  • Your Fan Won’t Change Speeds: Often fans will run at one speed but fail to change speeds when you attempt to do so. Typically, this can be solved by an electrician lubricating the inside of the system and the ball bearings for greater ease of switching from fast to slow. 
  • Runs With Extra Noise: Once again this could be a case of unlubricated ball bearings that are causing the bearings to grind into each other creating an unpleasant noise as your fan circulates air throughout the room.



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What if My Ceiling Fan Just Won’t Turn on?

While not turning on is a pretty good indicator that your ceiling fan needs repair, make sure to see if you’ve tripped the circuit breaker. Not turning on could also indicate loose wiring, a problem for which you should call Superior Electricians immediately.

Don’t compromise comfort by avoiding what would likely be a quick and affordable repair. Superior Electricians knows that fans are important for ventilation, especially during the hot, sticky summers in the south. Call us (678) 674-4779   today or contact us immediately if your ceiling fan is giving you trouble.

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