Home Electrical Repairs That You Can Handle Yourself

Some home electrical repairs are hazardous and require extensive electrical knowledge. It’s easy to make a serious error if you don’t have the proper training. Though you know all the safety precautions that homeowners should take while working on any electrical project, it is always a good option to hire an electrical service in Sandy Springs for simple repairs.

However, many basic electrical repairs are suitable for inexperienced homeowners. Here are several home electrical repairs you can try with proper planning and some basic precautions.

Replacing your light switch can offer a fashionable finishing touch to your home, or you may modify an existing light switch to provide handy multi-way control of light in your hallway, landing, or stairway.

It can be hard to replace a switch. First, you must determine the type of switch you are installing. There are numerous kinds of light switches,

If you’re installing a dimmer switch for the first time, be particularly cautious because dimmer switches can overheat.

You are capable of handling and replacing light switches on your own. In terms of tools, if you have a screwdriver and a pair of pliers, you can complete this task.

Every room has an outlet. If your outlet feels hot to the touch or if you detect sparks when you plug in an appliance, it’s time for a replacement. It is not difficult to change an outlet, but you have to take some precautions for your safety.

Steps To Replace an Outlet:

    1. Turn off the power to the circuit.
    2. After removing the cover plate, use a circuit tester to ensure that the power is turned off. Continue if the tester indicates that the power is off.
    3. To expose the wire, unscrew the electrical outlet and pull it forward from the electrical box.
    4. You can unscrew the wires and remove the damaged outlet if the cables are reusable, that is, not frayed or burnt.
    5. Install the new outlet. It’s essential to know which wires go to which screw in this situation:

a. Insert the black wire into the hole with the brass screw.
b. Insert the white wire into the hole with the silver screw.
c. Green wire: place it in the hole made by the green screw.

6. Wrap the wires with electrical tape before installing the new outlet to prevent sparking. You are now ready to install and test the outlet. Insert the wires back into the outlet box gently. Screw it into position and cover it with faceplate

7. You are now ready to power on the circuit at the circuit box. Push the test button in the middle of the adapter one last time to test the outlet. If the reset button pops out, your outlet is operational.

Whether you want to replace an outlet or a switch, the wires must be placed right for everything to operate. Incorrect electrical installation might potentially result in overloads or fire risks. If you are looking for electrical repair in Marietta, GA, contact Superior Electricians.

If you don’t want to tackle repairing electrical equipment on your own, give us a call at (678) 674-4779.

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