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In Atlanta, we are known for our heat - both during the summer days and in our nightlife. We’re also no stranger to the danger of powerful storms. During the last few hurricane seasons, we've had our share of storm-related power outages and leaned on our standby generators for power or simply went without.

But losing electricity in your individual home or business is a different animal altogether. This power interruption can be a sign that your electrical system is in need of emergency repair. Make sure to call Superior Electricians when you’ve got electric concerns.

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Electricity is a delicate thing. It can power whole buildings but one crossed wire could mean an at-first undetectable fire that leads to your home or business in flames. Superior Electricians techs respect electricity and always respect you, our Atlanta customer.

As electricians, we are committed to keeping your personal or business system up and running, but we also love to help enhance your space. Our array of services can bring your home or service up to 2021 or simply replace a breaker.

How Can Superior Electricians of Atlanta Help You?

Why Atlanta Chooses Us

At Superior Electricians, our philosophy is built on what is best for you. We truly care about your comfort and safety while saving you money. You should take advantage of our regular specials and low prices. We believe in building trust with our customers, residential and commercial, and educating those customers about different services that will enhance a life or business. Part of building that trust is going above and beyond for every single customer. Read our review from your neighbors here in Atlanta to see how we live up to these goals every day. We put you first — that’s how we bring service back to the service industry! Call (678) 674-4779 to schedule your electrical service in Atlanta today!

Are backup generators worth the cost near Atlanta?

Backup generators supply your home with electricity in the event of a power outage. While backup generators can be expensive, they ensure that you will still have light, heating and cooling, and allow you to be able to use your appliances and outlets when the power is out. With a backup generator, you won’t have to worry about staying somewhere else while your power is out which can save you money on hotels, and they can also add value to your home.

How do I know if my GFCI outlet is bad near Atlanta?

To make sure that your GFCI outlet is working properly, first push the test button. You should hear a click. If the test button won’t push in, your GFCI outlet may have gone bad. If it stays in, you can then test to make sure the circuit is broken by plugging a lamp into the socket. If it doesn’t light up, the power is off and the circuit is broken. This means that the GFCI outlet is working and the lamp should light up again after you push the reset button.


Have questions about GFCI outlets? Don’t hesitate to contact the experts at Superior Electricians today!

How do I find a good local electrician in Atlanta?

Finding a high-quality electrician can be difficult, but here are some steps you can take to make sure you hire a professional for the job:


  • Check online for reputable electricians in your area or ask friends and family for electricians they recommend.
  • Make sure they’re licensed.
  • Check their level of experience.
  • Read through their reviews.


Because electrical work can be very dangerous if not left to the professionals, you should always make sure that whoever you hire for electrical work is licensed and knows what they are doing. If you need high-quality electrical services from licensed and expert electricians, call Superior Electricians today!

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